Why do we need a stable currency?

Stable currency is more efficient and gives predictability for business transactions. This allows individuals and businesses to make more complex transactions/contracts for the future, which allows them to get more value out of their power (investment/talent/time/energy/resources/assets), and creates wealth/value.

There hasn’t been the opportunity to create decentralized currency before, because the technological tools weren’t previously available to create a truly stable currency. Most currency in history has not been very stable--the USD is a historical anomaly in that it’s been stable for 80 years, due to a unique confluence of historical events.... But decentralized, digital, algorithmic currency has the opportunity to be very stable, if it is designed well, with the ability to improve in response to demands from the market, and its decentralized regulators are properly motivated to keep it stable, secure, and efficient.

How is reactive algorithmic stable currency (RASC) different from other stable currencies?

First, RASC removes the expensive overcollateralization reserve requirements, keeping it truly decentralized; it’s more nimble and reactive. Semada network has a superior governance process based on secure and meaningful reputation, that will filter down to the best choices. This will allow stable changes in the protocol to react to the market, which will therefore enable it to maximize between efficiency and security, and choose the optimal response to market needs.