The Semada Mission
Re-think money

50 million americans have little to no access to financial services. On a global scale, almost 2 billion people have no access to financial services whatsoever. Many industries, even though legal, have been denied financial inclusion, a result of being deemed risky or credit unworthy by banks. Increasing transaction costs and predatory financial services have become the norm. The digital economy requires a new type of financial infrastructure that is transparent, reduces counterparty risks, lowers cost of mediation, provides access and inclusion for everyone.

Freedom of transaction

Semada is a decentralized network, that is censor resistant, offers immutability, instant finality of transactions, with no requirement for trusted agents or trusted setup. An open network standard for anyone or any institution to adopt, to move value seamlessly, which no private or state actor can control.

Efficient money

Most cryptocurrencies have failed to replace cash money due to inherent variability and volatility. Semada provides an efficient alternative, the “reactive algorithmic stable currency (RASC).” Semada network deploys multiple tools to safeguard against heavy volatility swings, and inflates when there is a true demand. Semada also removes the expensive and overcollateralized reserve requirements.

Effective contracting

Semada provides a smart contract layer which is a decentralized, eternal, immutable record of transactions, with self-executing, self-regulating decentralized business contracts, using a new process (decentralized reputation that motivates continually improving protocols for business transactions), motivated by secure and meaningful reputation (meaningful = valuable).