Evolutionary Business Infrastructure for the Distributed Digital Economy


Wulf Kaal, Ph.D. (Econ.), J.D., MBA

Founder & CEO

Leading Expert in Crypto Economics, Business & Law, Strategic Advisor to DLT Companies, Professor of Law – University of St. Thomas, Ex Goldman Sachs, Cravath Swaine & Moore

Craig Calcaterra, Ph.D. (Math.)

Craig Calcaterra, Ph.D. (Math.)

Founder & Main Architect

Leading Expert in Abstract Dynamical Systems & DLT Architecture, Professor of Mathematics – Metro State University, Fulbright Scholar

Christos Polyzois, Ph.D. (CS), MBA

Christos Polyzois, Ph.D. (CS), MBA

Interim CTO and Head of Business Development

Industry leader in disruptive technologies, Pioneering work in DLT, IoT, VOIP, M2M, cluster computing, digital video, Ex Cargill, Honeywell, Eaton, Johnson, McKinsey, IBM-Watson, Bell Labs, Sarnoff, Voicemate

Harry Kloor, Ph.D. (Physics), Ph.D. (Chem.)

Harry Kloor, Ph.D. (Physics), Ph.D. (Chem.)

Tech Advisor

CEO Loarz Inc., CEO Jupiter9 Productions, Co-founder and chief scientist of the XPRIZE Foundation, Founder of the Avatar Project, Co-founder of Singularity University

Erik P.M. Vermeulen, Ph.D. (Law)

Erik P.M. Vermeulen, Ph.D. (Law)

Governance Advisor

Leading scholar on innovation and governance, Professor of Business and Financial Law at Tilburg University, Head of Corporate Governance at Philips Expert advisor to OECD, the World Bank, UNCITRAL


Phone: 001-312-684-5288


Semada Adviser Erik P.M. Vermeulen in Medium Hackernoon

“I am very lucky to be involved in the Semada “blockchain” platform. The platform uses technology, algorithms and software code to implement governance, trust and security in the system of blockchain and smart contracts, potentially offering a solution to the problems and high failure rate of ICOs. In a way, the platform attempts to “digitize” […]

Semada Advisor, Erik P.M. Vermeulen – in Hackernoon

Semada Advisor, Erik P.M. Vermeulen in Hackernoon So, What’s Next? In this respect, I am very excited to be involved in an early stage startup company, SEMADA.io. In this Chicago-based company, technologists and non-technologists work together to create a blockchain-based “reputation verification platform” that rewards trustful parties and punishes bad actors. Trust will be created […]